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    Supreme Home Cleaning is a family owned and operated business and our mission is to ensure high quality cleaning, outstanding customer service and green practices. Our name has come to represent quality, innovation, comfort and consistency and all these are leading us to one goal: 100% customer satisfaction.

    When you choose us you can expect first class cleaning and excellent service from people who care.

    As the owners of Supreme Home Cleaning, we take our job to a whole new level of clean. When you have us as your service provider you will receive a customized checklist tailored to meet your specific cleaning needs. Please ask us about our eco-friendly products, so you, your family and the environment are protected while we make your house shine. Because we are a family business, we pay attention to every detail, unlike the franchise companies, where “one size fits all”.

    References are provided upon request. If you have any other questions or need additional information, please call us at 781-475-2206 or request a free quote online.


    Tara Y. Amherst, MA

    I hired them to deep clean a place I recently moved into. There were a lot of issues with renovation and the house was in a disgusting, dusty state. We weren’t even finished unpacking.

    They went way above and beyond what I had expected, and even got rid of mold I told them not to worry about. They also organised some of our boxes so they would be easier to unpack. I can actually breathe in my house now.


    Lindsay S. Somerville, MA

    We hired Supreme Home Cleaning for a deep clean of our apartment right before my due date. I’ve never had a cleaning service so I didn’t know quite what to expect but wow, I’m totally floored. Absolutely phenomenal work from the team! They cleaned places in my apartment that I never even dreamt they’d clean, under the couch, beds, they dusted all fans, and washed the trash and recycling bins! It is spotless and so professional. I’ll definitely be reaching out for a regular monthly clean. Communication was easy, I booked through email, they have an initial walkthrough at the beginning of the cleaning session, you get your full quote, pay and then they begin. It took most of the day but my apartment wasn’t deep cleaned when we moved in so it’s been 5+ years. Fantastic work!


    Melissa C. Boston, MA

    The best decision I ever made! I’ve never seen my home this clean before. I thought my stove and oven were unsalvageable and I had pretty much given up on trying to clean them. I have no idea what they used but I got to get my hands on those! My stove and oven are sparkling clean. My bathroom is so clean as well. They were able to reach places I’ve been unable to. I clean my house once every two weeks but this is a whole new level of clean. I didn’t expect much but they paid attention to every detail and made sure everything was sparkling when they left. I paid $300 (was supposed to have a 10% discount with cash but I was going to give them the full amount anyway because they deserve it!). Definitely will be using their services again for regular monthly cleaning. I hope my stove and oven haven’t scared them away!


    Alexandria G. Somerville, MA

    I hired them to do a Deep Cleaning of my apartment which I had let become pretty messy due to a chronic illness. After some initial scheduling confusion over email,they were on time, very friendly and did an amazing job cleaning my apartment. It was like returning to a whole new place. They got stains off of things I didn’t think was possible and cleaned absolutely everything, even places I had never considered. I would highly recommend their services!


    Marty L. Boston, MA

    My girlfriend and I just used this service for the first time (deep clean). I was a little tentative about having somebody clean our apartment because I am a little intense about certain areas. However, we were extremely happy with the cleaners and the job they did. The apartment looks ready for a viewing and is literally sparkling. The walls/floors look great, every knob is shiny, I couldn’t find any dust, and it smells great. They also were very detail oriented and went the extra mile-folding tissues in box in a fancy manner, taking out the trash, and tidying our bed. They were also very willing to accommodate our schedules and only took 3 hours to transform our apartment. Also payment very easy as they have a Venmo account. Would highly recommend and plan to use in future.


    Nina P. Boston, MA

    Fantastic. Just adding to the list of five star reviews because I know I was skeptical. They sent a three person team for 3-4 hours of work, which meant I got way more bang for my buck than I would have using a service with hourly pricing. I’ve worked in housekeeping and am astonished by their attention to detail. They scrubbed the base of the blender sitting in the back of my pantry, made my brown teapot silver again, and brought step stools to reach the transoms above each door. Highly recommend.